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Civil Service Examinations are the most sought after these days. Millions of aspirants prepare/ take these exams but only a few(less than 1%) achieve success milestone.

Perfect Practice Makes Progress- MockzRaj series is designed to help candidates with effective practice programs at affordable prices to ensure that not even a single aspirant is missed out of access to perfect resource.

We believe in investing the time to learn, relearn and outlearn.

Meticulously designed to cover every topic, from current affairs to static subjects.
Identify your strengths through comprehensive Full-Length and Focused Topic Tests.
Adapt to the latest UPSC standards with simulated tests designed to reflect recent changes.
Performance Tracking - All India Ranking announcement
Experience convenience that seamlessly aligns with your schedule.
Strengthen your CSAT skills with specialized tests tailored to the evolving requirements of the examination.

Course Highlight

Complete Full Length Test series in huge numbers 1st time ever in India.

MockzRaj Sampoorna Bharath Challenge and Practice series are meticulously handmade by UPSC Aspirants, top professors, exam toppers, Subject Matter Experts in line with the changed UPSC pattern.

We have built a reserve of the seen-unseen, known-unknown, tapped-untapped questions and resources to gain a potential hold on the subjects.

Get ready with a Sankalp to cover complete GS & CSAT with our Sankalp Series and climb the prelims Smaran with our Smaran Series.

  • Consistent revision of notes and study routines are essential for mastering the vast curriculum, adapting to evolving exam patterns, and minimizing errors. It's the key to unlocking success in this highly competitive examination.

  • Practice make man perfect. Through consistent effort, aspirants can refine their skills and knowledge, ultimately achieving their goals. In every domain, practice is the crucial parameter on the path to excellence, turning aspirations into accomplishments.

  • A real-time approach to UPSC Prelims involves simulating the exam conditions. It means taking practice tests, adhering to time limits, and mimicking the actual exam experience. This method helps candidates familiarize themselves with the pressure and enhances their readiness for success.

  • Equal importance must be given to the CSAT (Civil Services Aptitude Test) alongside the GS paper in the UPSC Prelims. A well-balanced preparation strategy ensures a higher chance of success, as both papers carry equal weight in determining a candidate's qualification for the Mains examination.

Prelims Test series & Pricing

At MockzRaj, we're committed to making high-quality UPSC/State exam preparation accessible to all aspirants. Our pricing plans are designed to cater to your needs and ensure you receive exceptional value:

Sampoorna Bharath Challenge


> 28th January Onwards
> 40-Challenging Full Length Tests
> 10 Downloadable Tests (5 GS + 5CSAT)
> 20-GS Full Length Tests
> 20-CSAT Full Length Tests
> 8-Full Length Test/ Month
> Equal weightage to GS & CSAT
> Exclusive Current Affairs
> Based on changed UPSC pattern
> Assertion - Reasoning Questions
> Pair based Questions
> All India Ranking
> Choose your Test Timing
> Previous Years Questions included
> Complete coverage of NCERT’s , static Reference Books, Current Affairs, PIB, Magazines
> Solutions with minimum words & maximum clarity

Sampoorna Bharath Practice


> 1st February onwards
> 84-Subjective Practice Test
> 28-Tests/ Month
> Indian Polity- 15
> Geography- 15
> Indian Economy- 15
> Indian History- 15
> Current Affairs- 15
> General Science- 15
> CSAT- 15
> Every Single Topic Covered
> Choose your Test Timing
> Based on changed UPSC pattern
> Complete coverage of NCERT’s , static Reference Books, Current Affairs, PIB, Magazines
> Solutions with minimum words & maximum clarity  




> 28th January Onwards
> 40-Challenging Full Length Tests
> 84-Subjective Practice Test
> 8-Full Length Test/ Month+ 28- Subjective Practice Tests/ Month 
> All India Ranking
> Previous Years Questions included
> Every Single Topic Covered
> Choose your Test Timing
> Based on changed UPSC pattern
> Complete coverage of NCERT’s , static Reference Books, Current Affairs, PIB, Magazines
> Solutions with minimum words & maximum clarity

Got Questions? Find Answers Here

  • Begin by understanding the exam pattern, syllabus, and previous year question papers. Create a realistic timetable, focusing on consistent study hours. Start with basic NCERT books to build a strong foundation in subjects like history, geography, and polity. Stay updated with current affairs from reputable sources to develop a holistic approach to your preparation.

    Best UPSC Online portal in India Mockzraj IAS

  • Choosing the right optional subject is crucial. Evaluate your interest, background, and the availability of study material. Consider your understanding of the subject and its scoring pattern. Seek guidance from mentors, and take a mock test to assess your comfort with the subject before making a final decision.

  • Newspapers are an invaluable source for current affairs, which is a significant part of the UPSC syllabus. Reading newspapers helps in staying updated with national and international events, understanding government policies, and forming opinions on various issues, which is essential for the Mains examination.

  • Time management is crucial. Create a realistic timetable, prioritize subjects based on difficulty, and allocate specific time slots for revision. Regularly assess your progress, and be flexible in adapting your schedule to address weaknesses and optimize study sessions.

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Bharati Bagari

I came across the DECAQuiz Challenge on Instagram and just checked out your website. Registered and took up the challenge just to check my knowledge. The questions were really relevant to UPSC's changed pattern and I loved it. Also, I got a 50% discount on my results. Frankly speaking at first I thought it was also fake. Why do they give such a good quality of questions with discounts but again the mentor to whom I spoke on call was a trust building person. My preparation now with the SHIKAR Series is going well and I am practicing GS and CSAT every week. Thank you,Team. Keep up the good work.


I appreciate the test series and the mentorship provided by the Mockzraj IAS. The test series has helped me to take my preparation for this exam in the right track. The course has helped me to understand the structure of the exam very well and made my preparation for the UPSC exam easy. The explanations for every questions is precise and helps in quick revision of every topics. I recommend every aspirant to take up this course as it is the best course in the market at a respectable price.


The Mockzraj IAS Shikar Prelims Test Series has significantly enhanced my preparation with its top-notch question quality, better than other institutions. The emphasis on current affairs is commendable, keeping me abreast of the latest developments. The CSAT questions are particularly impressive, offering a thorough and challenging practice. This series has undeniably played a pivotal role in sharpening my skills for the UPSC prelims and reduced my time to spend on worrying about preparation. Highly recommended for serious aspirants.


As an UPSC aspirant I am very happy with the Mockzraj IAS website as they are providing very good test series in very less price. The quality of the questions are very good and the explanations are very clear. It's helping me to prepare for my preparation.


MockzRajias test series helped me to recognize individual error patterns, adapt to exam conditions, and provides comprehensive and high-quality practice for self-evaluation before the actual exam, they provide simple and easy explanation for all the questions and the best thing is I got good mentorship from the Mockzrajias that to at affordable cost, the test series are so affordable than any other institute with good quality, I suggest everyone to go for it without second thinking.

Devika R

I happened to take the free DECAQuiz challenge on this website just to check my preparation level for PRELIMS 2024 and ended up joining to it's SHIKAR Series as I felt the questions were matching the exam needs. Also, the series prices are very less. The mentoring team are available always and are helping me out in my preparation. Thanks to everyone. Hope the same continues.

Showrya N P

I am still pursuing my degree and was not knowing from where to start me preparation for UPSC CSE Exams. The mentors at MOCKZRAJ IAS really gave me a good roadmap to my preparation. They cleared and answered all my doubts and questions.

To excel in the UPSC exam, one must

  • Cultivate a relentless drive for learning.
  • Employ strategic study techniques.
  • Adapt to evolving exam patterns.
  • Navigating through challenges.

Despite the daunting odds, remember that every successful UPSC aspirant was once part of the 0.01% who persevered, stayed determined, and achieved their goal. Let their journey inspire you to keep pushing forward, for success awaits those who refuse to give up.

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